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3 Guys talking Comic books



My big fat pull list


My Big Fat Pull List is a podcast run by three geeks who LOVE discussing comics and enjoy teaching others about the history of the medium! Let them take you by the hand and beat you over the head with useless, but important, pop culture information!

Your hosts will cover everything! Comic books, toys, video games, conventions, the art of collecting and even movies & TV shows. If it came from a comic book, turned into a comic book or anything in between, they WILL teach you a thing or two about it! 

Pistol Danger - lone wolf, Man on the Edge
Mister X - walking talking X-Men dictionary
Smurphy - He means well



Mr. X

- What else is there to say than he is a walking talking encyclopedia of X-Man knowledge. Not only does he know his X-men, but he is also a fan of all things comic related and geeky. He is currently enjoying such titles as; any/all X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, and all things Horror related. He is a man with a plan; what is that plan? To keep Pistol in line and Smurphy on track. Take a listen and see for yourself.


Pistol Danger

- What can we say but he is the salty one of the group. He isn’t the hero we want or even need, but he is one of the group. He enjoys the following titles; Ghostbusters, Anything Spider-Man, and Nextwave. Is he a hero? Villain? Listen to the show and find out.

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- He is a fun loving idiot. He enjoys all things comic book related. Sometimes he may seems lost. He normally is, but he knows his comics. He enjoys such titles as G.I.Joe, The Punisher, Serenity, Batman Beyond, X-Men, and Green Lantern. Is he really a moron or just an idiot savant? Listen to the podcast to find out.